Ball Shape Raincoat

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Disposable Ball Raincoat | Easy to Carry in Stylish Spherical Keychain For Outdoor Events, Travel & anywhere | Lightweight & Foldable | Protection from Unexpected Rain(Multicolour)

About this item

  • [Size] : Size of Raincoat is 55”× 31” Inches & Ball Kitchain is 2.36”× 2.36” Inches
  • [Portable]: Designed to be easily carried in a small ball-shaped container, perfect for storing in bags, pockets, or glove compartments
  • [Versatile]: Suitable for various outdoor activities, travel, events, and anywhere, providing reliable protection from unexpected rain or shower
  • [No Maintenance]: There is no need for cleaning or maintenance, unlike reusable raincoats, which require washing and proper storage.
  • [Easy of Use]: They are designed to be simple and quick to put on, making them practical for anywhere where time and ease are important factors.