Magnetic Window Cleaner

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Magnetic Window Cleaner Double-Side Glazed Two-Sided Glass Cleaner Wiper with 2 Extra Cleaning Cotton Cleaner Squeegee Washing Equipment

About this item

  • Dual-Sided Cleaning: With its innovative double-sided design, allows you to clean both the inside and outside of your windows simultaneously, cutting your cleaning time in half
  • Unique Design: Double-sided design, strong magnetic, it is very safe and convenient. The triangular design can easily wipe the corners. The distribution of magnetic design is easy to scrub.
  • Strong Magnetic Force: It’s effective for glazed windows with 3-8mm thickness. The cleaning effect of spraying glass water when the product is used is better.
  • Multipurpose: It can be used to clean windows, fish tanks, skylights, patio doors, bedroom windows and even shower screens, mirrors and tiles.
  • Environmental Friendly: High-quality plastic material, practical, solid, anti-drop and durable.
  • 360° Rotating Head: The flexible rotating head allows you to clean windows of any shape or size with ease, reaching every corner and crevice for a spotless finish.